C.Eng. Anura Ranwala

C.Eng. Anura Ranwala (M.Eng., B.Sc.) - Hydrology & Hydro-modelling Specialist

Area of Expertise:

  • Hydraulic computations
  • hydraulic modelling
  • hydrological impacts
  • Ecosystem
  • Environmental Assessment
  • mitigation measures
  • Drainage Impacts
  • MIKE BASIN model
  • water resource management
  • MIKE 11
  • MIKE BASIN (Arc GIS 9 Version)
  • Sobek Model
  • IRiC 2D Modelling software
  • modelling in Aquatic Resources Management
  • impacts from soil erosion, pollution, drainage and flood

B.Sc. Eng. (Civil Engineering), Uni. of Moratuwa, 1982

M.Eng. (Hydraulic Structures), Uni. of Moratuwa, 1990

PgDip (Hydraulic Structures), Uni. of Moratuwa, 1989

Freelance Consultant on hydrology, drainage, water resources and environment.

Visiting Lecturer – Uni. of Sri Jayawardanapura and Uni. of Moratuwa.

Nearly 36 years of professional experience in providing technical leadership for hydrological and ground water research and environmental impact assessment.

Led and contributed to projects in Sri Lanka, Oman and Loas

Fellow, Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka -FIE (SL)

Chartered Engineer – C.Eng.

Member, Institution of Environmental Professionals Sri Lanka -MIEP(SL)

Chartered Environmental Professional -C.EnvP

Hydraulic computations and model studies on payment for Ecosystem Services project – (Current) | EIA for Proposed Kelani River Flood Bunds and Salinity Barrier – Assessment of hydrological impacts and proposing mitigation measures (Current) | EIA Gin Nilwala Diversion project – Assess construction impacts and propose mitigation action (Current) | EIA Bingiriya Industrial Zone project – Carry out the EIA hydrological studies, Perform HEC RAS/HEC HMS Modelling for the drainage network (Current) | Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for Climate Resilience Improvement – carry out the hydrological impact assessments for basin interventions and Review model studies (MIKE 11, Sobek) carried out by expatriate consultants (Current) | SEIA in Western Region Megapolis Development – Identification of Program based hydrological impacts and proposing mitigation measures (2016) | Supplementary EIA for the Proposed Industrial Promotion Zone Wagawatte Horana – Identification of Drainage Impacts and mitigation measures, updating water supply requirements after updating low flow statistics of Kalu Ganga (2016) | EIA for the proposed development of Kaduruwela Town ( Polonnaruwa) – Identification of Drainage Impacts and mitigation measures (2016) | Hydrological Studies on Ruwanpura Expressway (2015) | Water Balance Studies for Mahawilachchiya, Mahakanadarawa & Wahlkada Tanks for Greater Anuradhapura North Water Supply (2015) | Environmental Flow Requirement Study (2013) | EIA Maduru Oya RB Development EIA (2013) | Integrated Strategic EIA for Uva Province (2013) | ADB Funded Iranamadu Reservoir Rehabilitation Project – Carry out hydrologic and hydraulic modelling for flooding, stilling basin configuration, gate adequacy etc. (2013) | Study Probable Maximum Floods of NCP Project Reservoirs – Carry out flood study to assess Probable Maximum Flood (2012) | Kalu Ganga Flood Protection Study (2012) | EIA Proposed Yan Oya Reservoir Project (2012) | EIA Kalu Ganga Flood Protection Study (2012) | Hydrological Study for Kaudulla/Kantale Tanks & Moragahakanda Augmentation for NCP Canal (2011) | Trincomalee  Kuchcheweli Tourism Area – EIA Study – Identify hydrological/drainage related impacts and proposed mitigatory measures (2010) | UNDP Flood l Study Ampara and Batticaloa Districts (2010) | EIA for Uma Oya Multipurpose Project (2010) | EIA for Weir Across Deduru Oya  River (2009)

Key contributions to overseas projects:

Environmental  Assessment for Mpanga River Microhydropower Project Uganda (2009)

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